What Babies and Children Really Need

How Mothers and Fathers can Nurture Children’s Growth for Health and Well-being

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This book represents a milestone in our understanding of child development and what parents can do to provide their children with the best start in life. What Babies and Children Really Need examines the crucial early years from a child’s perspective – and concludes that changes in society over the past 50 years have unleashed a crisis in childhood.

Author Sally Goddard Blythe draws on the latest scientific research and clinical practice to demonstrate how a baby’s relationship with its mother has a lasting and fundamental impact. She argues that trends such as delayed motherhood, limited uptake of breastfeeding, and early return to work – driven by economic, social and political pressures – are undermining the key developmental milestones essential to success and wellbeing in later life. ‘We need a state,’ says Goddard Blythe, ‘that gives children their parents, and most of all, gives babies their mothers back.’

What Babies and Children Really Need concludes with a rallying cry for a new Charter for Childhood founded on the four main pillars of child development: nutrition – the biochemical basis for life; affection, nurture and engagement; stimulating sensory experience and motor skills through physical play; and discipline in its true sense meaning ‘instruction, correction, training in action and control’.

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ISBN: 978-1-903458-76-1

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